In this page, you will learn about what the MTRCB is all about, its mission and vision, as well as the duties and responsibilities pertaining to an MTRCB Deputy. It is important for you to know that being a Deputy is a privilege, not a right, granted to a very select few. Although there may be certain perks or benefits derived from being a Deputy, the focus is not on the benefit derived but on the service that you, as a Deputy, can provide the MTRCB and society, as a whole.

Thus, in order to qualify to become a Deputy, you will have to undergo a qualifying examination based on the topics discussed below. Kindly read and review them carefully because the knowledge that you will get from this discussion will aid you in the performance of your duties as a Deputy.


  1. What is the MTRCB?

The MTRCB is a quasi-judicial government agency under the Office of the President, which is responsible for the review and classification of television programs, movies and publicity materials.


  1. What is the jurisdiction of the MTRCB?

The MTRCB has jurisdiction over the following:

  1. Television Programs – include all materials or content seen on free television and cable television, on UHF or VHF, including those seen on digital terrestrial television, or through direct-to-home facilities, whether local or foreign, such as, but not limited to, teleseryes, noontime live programs, full length movies, and the like.

  2. Movies – include all motion pictures, whether local or foreign, intended to be publicly exhibited in theaters or cinemas, including buses and ferries (which are treated as mobile theaters), including Optical Media Board Materials (OMB), i.e. DVDs, CDs, and the like.

  3. Publicity Materials – include both video publicity materials, such as movie trailers shown in theaters or cinemas, in theater lobbies, video walls, or other similar venues; and movie trailers shown on television. It also includes non-video publicity materials, such as newspaper advertisements and other layouts, 2-D and 3-D standees or mock-ups, still photos and other similar materials.


  1. Mission and Vision of the MTRCB